NostalgicPlayer manual

Thanks to...

  • Phil Wright from ComponentFactory for creating the Krypton toolkit controls.
  • Peter William Wagner, Simon Coghlan and Thomas Bolon for continuing the work on Krypton toolkit controls.
  • Mark Heath for creating NAudio, which is used to play the music so you can hear anything.
  • Adam Hathcock for creating the SharpCompress library, which is used to depack archives.
  • Dave Gandy for the Font Awesome on Iconfinder for almost all the images used on the buttons.
  • Alice Rowan and Ozkan Sezer for reviewing all my pull requests to MikMod and LibXmp.
  • Miodrag Vallat for all the conversation when converted MikMod to BeOS.
  • Nicolas Franck (Gryzor) for releasing the original sources for ProWizard on the Amiga.
  • Sylvain "Asle" Chipaux for letting me use his ProWizard and sending me a lot of test modules.
  • Wilfred Bos for adding NostalgicPlayer on HVSC webpage + he did some testing of the SidPlayer.
  • Jens-Christian Huus for helping me in the right direction when I need to find the right SID player to use.
  • Michael van Grunz for testing the player which resulted in the optimized module list load.
  • Raph99 / Thanys for testing the player when added support for more output channels than 2 (stereo) + some input on new ideas / improvements.
  • Adrien Destugues for porting the BeOS version of APlayer to Haiku, so I could test the functionality when creating this player :-)
  • Lokesh Dhakar for creating Lightbox, which is used to show large images of the thumbnails in the module type section in this documentation.
  • Robert Baron for creating the C.math library, which is used in the AudioIFF sample converter.
  • All users/supporters.