NostalgicPlayer manual

Favorite song system

The Favourite Song System (FSS) is for you who can't remember which modules you like to hear. Okay, that was a bit of a joke! It will automatically store the names (by using the database, which needs to be enabled in the settings) of all the modules your have heard during your run of NostalgicPlayer. In addition to that it remembers how many times you have heard the same module. All the names are put into a list, from which the FSS takes a user specified number of played modules and put them into the window. This window displays the top list placements and how many times each module has been played.

Favorites song system window

It is possible to move the columns around, so that the order of the columns can be selected.

If you doubleclick an item in the list it will be added to the bottom of the module list.

Add This will take all the selected modules in the list and add them to the bottom of the module list.
Remove This will remove the selected modules from the FSS list.
Drop down Here you can select how many items you want in the list. You can also select between the most or least heard modules. It is also possible to select a custom value.
Reset This will clear the whole FSS list.