NostalgicPlayer manual

Agent settings

Here is an overview over all the settings the different agents offer.

Core Audio

disk saver settings
Output device Select which device to use for playing. Default means the default device configured in Windows.

Disk Saver

disk saver settings
Path Tells where sample should be saved to.
Bit rate How many bits you want to use for each sample.
Channels Selects either mono or stereo output.
Format Select output format. Can select between available sample converters.
Frequency Select the numbers of samples per second.
Pass through output agent This lets you listen to what you are saving to disk. When using this option, the sample created will be in the format the other sound output agent deliver the sound in. This means that you can still select the output format.


sid play settings
CIA model Here you have the choice to select which CIA chip to be emulated.
Clock speed If your favourite C64 tune seem to play at an odd speed you can try to change this setting.
SID model Most of the modules come with information about which SID chip the player should emulate, but you can override this or choose the default if unknown with this setting.
Options - Enable filter You can disable and enable the filter emulation here, if you want to save some CPU time.
Options - Boost digisounds On the 8580 SID chip, sampled sounds may be played with a really low volume. This is not a bug, but is exactly how the 8580 works, which a lot of people complained about in the old days. If you got such a tune, you can boost it with this option.
Options - Mixer Select which mixer you want to use. You can choose between these:
Interpolate Normal interpolation when mixing.
Resample (interpolate) This is the most accurate mixer. It uses more CPU power than Interpolate since it does a lot of real-time calculations.
HVSC These settings is specific for High Volume SID Collection. If you have downloaded this package, set the path to the root of your HVSC folder. SidPlay can then lookup some extra information if available and show them in the comments.