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In the table below is shown all the packed formats NostalgicPlayer supports. You can click on a row to get a list of modules packed with the selected format.

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Crunch-ManiaLink 01-May-2022
MOD PluginLink 14-Oct-2023
Music Module Compressor (MMCMP)Link 14-Oct-2023
PowerPackerLink 15-Jan-2023
XPK (BLZW)Link 26-Apr-2022
XPK (BZP2)Link 26-Apr-2022
XPK (LHLB)Link 30-Apr-2022
XPK (MASH)Link 30-Apr-2022
XPK (RAKE)Link 27-Apr-2022
XPK (SHRI)Link 30-Apr-2022
XPK (SMPL)Link 28-Apr-2022
XPK (SQSH)Link 15-Jan-2023