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On this page, you can find all modules that I have in my collection that NostalgicPlayer supports. This page will be updated as soon new module types are supported.

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Format Extensions Converter Player Updated
AC1D PackerLink .ac1d / .ac1Link ProWizardLink ModTrackerLink 16-Jul-2022
AHX 1.xLink .ahx / .thxLink  Link HivelyTrackerLink 20-Apr-2024
AHX 2.xLink .ahx / .thxLink  Link HivelyTrackerLink 20-Apr-2024
AMOS Music BankLink .abkLink  Link AMOS Music BankLink 02-Apr-2024
Asylum Music FormatLink .amfLink  Link XmpLink 21-Oct-2023
Audio SculptureLink .adscLink  Link ModTrackerLink 29-Mar-2024
AudioIFFLink .aiff / .aifLink  Link SampleLink 29-Mar-2024
Ben ReplayLink .benLink ProWizardLink ModTrackerLink 24-Sep-2022
Binary PackerLink .bnrLink ProWizardLink ModTrackerLink 24-Sep-2022
Channel Player 1Link .ch1 / .chn / .chanLink ProWizardLink ModTrackerLink 07-Aug-2022
Channel Player 2Link .ch2 / .chn / .chanLink ProWizardLink ModTrackerLink 07-Aug-2022
Channel Player 3Link .ch3 / .chn / .chanLink ProWizardLink ModTrackerLink 07-Aug-2022
ChipTrackerLink .chp / .chip / .krs / .krisLink ProWizardLink ModTrackerLink 28-Jul-2022
Composer 669Link .669Link  Link XmpLink 04-Jan-2024
David WhittakerLink .dwLink  Link David WhittakerLink 07-Mar-2024
Delta Music 1.0Link .dm1Link  Link Delta Music 1.0Link 13-Nov-2022
Delta Music 2.0Link .dm2Link  Link Delta Music 2.0Link 23-Apr-2023
Devils ReplayLink .devLink ProWizardLink ModTrackerLink 25-Sep-2022
DigiBooster 1.xLink .digiLink  Link DigiBooster 1.xLink 15-Jan-2023
DigiBooster 3.xLink .dbmLink  Link DigiBooster ProLink 31-Dec-2022
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