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On this page, you can find all modules that I have in my collection that NostalgicPlayer supports. This page will be updated as soon new module types are supported.

Below is a section of each format. In there, you can find each module as standalone or you can download them all in a zip archive.

It is also possible to listen to them directly from the page or download MP3 files of them. The MP3 files are created by using NostalgicPlayer to save a wav file when playing the module. Then WinLAME is used to encode those wav files to MP3 format.

If you have any modules by yourself, which are not on this page, please contact me if you want them to be available for other users.

If you cant get enough modules, I will recommend the Exotica module homepage. You can find a lot of modules in different format there.

Format Extensions Converter Player
AHX 1.xLink .ahx / .thxLink  Link AHXLink
AHX 2.xLink .ahx / .thxLink  Link AHXLink
AsylumLink .amfLink MikMod ConverterLink MikModLink
Atari OctalyserLink .modLink  Link ModTrackerLink
AudioIFFLink .aiff / .aifLink  Link SampleLink
Composer 669Link .669Link MikMod ConverterLink MikModLink
Digital Sound and Music InterfaceLink .amfLink MikMod ConverterLink MikModLink
Digital Sound Interface KitLink .dsmLink MikMod ConverterLink MikModLink
Digital Tracker MODLink .modLink  Link ModTrackerLink
D.O.C. SoundTracker IILink .modLink  Link ModTrackerLink
D.O.C. SoundTracker VILink .modLink  Link ModTrackerLink
D.O.C. SoundTracker IXLink .modLink  Link ModTrackerLink
Farandole ComposerLink .farLink MikMod ConverterLink MikModLink
Fast/TakeTrackerLink .modLink  Link ModTrackerLink
FastTracker IILink .xmLink MikMod ConverterLink MikModLink
FLACLink .flacLink  Link SampleLink
Fred EditorLink .frd / .fredLink  Link Fred EditorLink
Fred Editor (Final)Link .frd / .fredLink Module ConverterLink Fred EditorLink
Future Composer 1.0 - 1.3Link .fc / .fc13 / .smodLink Module ConverterLink Future ComposerLink
Future Composer 1.4Link .fc / .fc14Link  Link Future ComposerLink
General DigiMusicLink .gdmLink MikMod ConverterLink MikModLink
His Master's Noise (Gnomie by Night)Link .modLink  Link ModTrackerLink
IFF-16SV (PCM)Link .16svLink  Link SampleLink
IFF-8SVX (Fibonacci)Link .8svxLink  Link SampleLink
IFF-8SVX (PCM)Link .8svxLink  Link SampleLink
Imago OrpheusLink .imfLink MikMod ConverterLink MikModLink
Impulse TrackerLink .itLink MikMod ConverterLink MikModLink
JamCrackerLink .jamLink  Link JamCrackerLink
Master SoundTracker 1.0Link .modLink  Link ModTrackerLink
MEDLink .med / .mmd0 / .md0Link  Link OctaMEDLink
MED PackerLink .med / .mmdcLink  Link OctaMEDLink
Mod's GraveLink .wowLink  Link ModTrackerLink
MPEG 1.0Link .mp1 / .mp2 / .mp3 / .m2a / .mpgLink  Link Mpg123Link
MPEG 2.0Link .mp1 / .mp2 / .mp3 / .m2a / .mpgLink  Link Mpg123Link
MPEG 2.5Link .mp1 / .mp2 / .mp3 / .m2a / .mpgLink  Link Mpg123Link
MultiTrackerLink .mtmLink  Link ModTrackerLink
NoiseTrackerLink .modLink  Link ModTrackerLink
OctaMEDLink .med / .mmd0 / .md0 / .omedLink  Link OctaMEDLink
OctaMED Professional 3.00 - 4.xxLink .med / .mmd1 / .md1 / .omedLink  Link OctaMEDLink
OctaMED Professional 5.00 - 6.xxLink .med / .mmd2 / .md2 / .omedLink  Link OctaMEDLink
OctaMED SoundstudioLink .med / .mmd3 / .md3 / .omed / .ocssLink  Link OctaMEDLink
Ogg VorbisLink .ogg / .ogaLink  Link Ogg VorbisLink
OktalyzerLink .okt / .oktaLink  Link OktalyzerLink
ProTrackerLink .modLink  Link ModTrackerLink
RIFF-WAVE (ADPCM)Link .wavLink  Link SampleLink
RIFF-WAVE (IEEE Float)Link .wavLink  Link SampleLink
RIFF-WAVE (PCM)Link .wavLink  Link SampleLink
SawteethLink .stLink  Link SawteethLink
Scream Tracker 2Link .stmLink MikMod ConverterLink MikModLink
Scream Tracker 3Link .s3mLink MikMod ConverterLink MikModLink
Scream Tracker Music Interface KitLink .stxLink MikMod ConverterLink MikModLink
SidPlayLink .sid / .c64 / .mus / .str / .prgLink  Link SidPlayLink
SoundFX 1.xLink .sfxLink Module ConverterLink SoundFXLink
SoundFX 2.0Link .sfx / .sfx2Link  Link SoundFXLink
SoundMon 1.1Link .bp / .bp2Link  Link SoundMonLink
SoundMon 2.2Link .bp / .bp3Link  Link SoundMonLink
SoundTracker 2.2Link .modLink  Link ModTrackerLink
StarTrekkerLink .modLink  Link ModTrackerLink
StarTrekker 8 voicesLink .modLink  Link ModTrackerLink
TFMX 1.5 / TFMX Professional / TFMX 7 voicesLink .tfx / mdat. / .tfmLink  Link TFMXLink
Ultimate SoundTracker 1.0 - 1.21Link .modLink  Link ModTrackerLink
Ultimate SoundTracker 1.8 - 2.0Link .modLink  Link ModTrackerLink
UltraTrackerLink .ultLink MikMod ConverterLink MikModLink
Unis 669Link .669Link MikMod ConverterLink MikModLink
Unreal Music FileLink .umxLink MikMod ConverterLink MikModLink

Some of my modules are sorted by author. You can find those modules here.

Jeroen TelLink
Jogeir LiljedahlLink

I also have some modules collected from different computer parties.

Gathering 1994Link
Gathering 1995Link
Party IVLink
Party VLink
Party VILink
Party VIILink
Party IXLink
Remedy 1995Link
South Sealand 1995Link

These are my test modules, which are packed with different packers.

MOD PluginLink
Music Module Compressor (MMCMP)Link
XPK (BZP2)Link