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On this page, you can select different categories on the links below. When clicking a link and you reach the page with the modules, each one can be found as standalone or you can download them all in a zip archive.

It is also possible to listen to them directly from the page or download MP3 files of them. The MP3 files are created by using NostalgicPlayer to save a wav file when playing the module. Then WinLAME is used to encode those wav files to MP3 format.

If you have any modules by yourself, which are not on this page, please contact me if you want them to be available for other users.

If you cant get enough modules, I will recommend the Exotica module homepage. You can find a lot of modules in different format there.

The different formats supported by the player.

All kind of module formats, but packed with different packing algorithms.

Modules released at different computer parties.

A little bit of my collection are sorted by authors. Those can be found here.